Activity review - Volunteer service in Fu Tei Au Tsuen


WZQ Volunteer teams have been enthusiastic and passionate. They went to Fu Tei Au Village a few days ago and met up with the team from Shek Wu Lutheran Community Development Project, to launch a two-day (15 and 16 Oct 2022) volunteering activity.

On the first day, a WZQ volunteer team visited the attractions in FU Tei Au village, they are guided by the staff from Shek Wu Lutheran Community Development Project. The team studied docent skill for history and cultural heritage.

In the afternoon, the team joined the print art class and to learn the basic techniques of making print art. The team gained much confidence and was well prepared for the coming activity.

Fu Tei Au market was held on 16 Oct 2022, the WZQ volunteer team separated into two small teams. One went to learn the history of Fu Tei Au village, another one went to assist the operation of the market such as selling DIY products, playing childhood games etc. 

Fu Tei Au Village Market has achieved successful results with the efforts of many parties, and the WZQ volunteer team also learned different knowledge and skills through the activities. The harvest is really rich!

Strategic partner and sponsor: Lee Hysan Foundation