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Thank you the student teams of Wu Zhi Qiao for building a waste collection site and incinerator for us. Now our waste disposal problem is finally solved.
Villagers in Yunnan
Thank you for your determination, love and action to build a cultural bridge for our villagers. Our children get new knowledge through this bridge. Our village get a new look because of this bridge. Wu Zhi Qiao brings in new energy to our village like morning dew.
Village leader of
Datan village
Poem from Mr Mao of Datan village: "The bridge bears love and message. The love is as deep as the sea. Those who gave their love had left their shadows. For a ride of a thousand miles."
Mr. Mao from
Datan village
You're like a candle bringing us light and compassion, inspiring us with your characters and spirits. Our love is high as sky, and solid as big mountain. We will never forget what you have done for our villagers. Thank you.
Villager of Datan village
I could finally meet with my old friends across the river through this new bridge.
An old man from Maosi village
Very grateful to all the uncles and aunties from Hong Kong. They were very dedicated to build this bridge for us. We will no longer cross the river by rolling up our pants and taking off our shoes. I am happy.
Zhi Lone
I would use ‘growth’ to describe my experience with Wu Zhi Qiao. I have witnessed self-growth and also development of my friends and the little village girls whom we have met at the Xiejia village.
Gifthy @ the University of Hong Kong
Wu Zhi Qiao has enhanced my capacity to handle crisis and emergencies in a calm attitude.
Calvin @ The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Great time in the Wu Zhi Qiao project meeting new and passionate people to serve rural villagers together. We have many conversation about life, way of doing, and it was such a fruitful time to know people and learn new knowledge.
Ling from CUHK
I had a meaningful time in Macha village. Through the experiential learning program, I've learnt farming technique, the process of making rammed earth building, digging ditches, installation of solar panel lamp stands and etc. I enjoyed very much the services experience in rural village.
Alexander HKU
The Earth School enhanced my understanding to the technique of rammed earth building, the lives of people and the local culture and heritage in Gansu province.
Students in Earth School 2019
From beginning to complete, from design to completion of a bridge construction. I've deeply learnt to treasure what I've and don't take things for granted. I feel such joy and complete when I contribute to the needy.
Professor Panxi
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