Wu Zhi Qiao (Bridge to China) Charitable Foundation is a charity registered in Hong Kong (no: 91/8739) in 2007. Through encouraging volunteers, especially university student volunteers from Hong Kong and Mainland China, to design and build footbridges and village facilities in remote and poor villages in the Mainland with green concepts, we aspire to:

Foster better communication, mutual understanding and integration between Hong Kong and the Mainland
Improve lives of underprivileged villages in remote areas of Mainland China
Inspire respect, appreciation and preservation of local culture and environment, and promulgate the concept of sustainability.
Provide university students a real life experience of executing a service project which has direct impact.

Wu Zhi Qiao (Bridge to China) Charitable Foundation has two visions.
One is to encourage university students and volunteers to help improve the lives of underprivileged villagers in rural China by initiating and implementing footbridge construction projects.
The other is to provide an opportunity for volunteers and villagers to develop their mutual understanding and improve communication, so to foster friendship and build spiritual bridges.

To foster better mutual understanding between the young people in Hong Kong and the Mainland for sustainable development in underprivileged areas of China and beyond.

Wu Zhi Qiao Project

Our projects are accomplished by volunteer professionals and university teams from both Hong Kong, the Mainland and overseas. To the fullest extent possible, we build footbridges, eco-dwellings and small-scale facilities with locally available and sustainable materials and utilize local wisdom and green building concepts. Our volunteer teams work closely with the villagers to transfer practical building skills and knowledge of materials that will promulgate the concept of sustainability.

Wu Zhi Qiao Beijing Representative Office
In order to facilitate the sustainable development of Wu Zhi Qiao projects in Mainland China, the Foundation formally obtained the "Registration Certificate of the Representative Office of Overseas NGOs" in December 2017, and established Beijing Representative Office in Beijing. The purpose is to address the difficulties and practical needs of the residential environment in rural areas in the Mainland, actively support the Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas related volunteer teams to continuously promote demonstration construction projects to improve people's livelihood, and building the friendship between students in Hong Kong and the Mainland.
Key achievements in recent years:
Inaugurated in Hong Kong.
Supported by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MoHURD), Wu Zhi Qiao (Bridge to China) Charitable Foundation was inaugurated in Hong Kong.
Sichuan Ma’anqiao Village
Wu Zhi Qiao launched the Village Rebuild Demonstration Project in Ma’anqiao Village after the earthquake in Sichuan.
The Wu Zhi Qiao Research and Development Centre was established
The Wu Zhi Qiao Research and Development Centre was established at Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology. Invited by the MoHURD, the team started to develop “Demonstration Project of Advanced Rammed Earth Eco-Dwellings” in Gansu.
Wu Zhi Xing 2011
Wu Zhi Qiao held its first intervarsity charity walk “Wu Zhi Xing 2011” with the participation of 11 local tertiary institutions in Hong Kong.
Wu Zhi Qiao has been listed on WiseGiving, an effective platform managed by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service to enhance charity accountability and transparency.
Macha Village, Gansu
By blending international earth construction technology and local traditions, the first advanced rammed-earth house was built in Macha Village, Gansu.
Macha Village, Gansu
A cluster of modern rammed earth demonstration houses were successfully built in Macha Village. The construction technique has also been promoted in other provinces, including Hebei, Jiangxi, etc.
Bapa Village, Guizhou
Wu Zhi Qiao launched “Demonstration Project in Bapa Village of Guizhou: The Conservation and Development of Traditional Village in Mainland China”.
10th Anniversary
Wu Zhi Qiao has completed over 60 projects since its inauguration 10 years ago.
World Habitat Awards to Building with Earth Project
Building with EARTH project received World Habitat Awards Bronze Winner 2019. This project has promoted advanced earth construction in rural communities, through training local craftspeople and working alongside academics and government officials. This project was led by Professor Mu Jun, funded and managed by Wu Zhi Qiao.
Official launch of Bailey Footbridge Construction Manual
With years of improvement and experiment, the Bailey Footbridge Construction Manual was published. The technique of building Bailey Footbridge received the patent offered by National Intellectual Property Administration, PRC.