Cartier Wu Zhi Qiao(Gansu) 2007-2008

Site Location:Datan Village, Malu Township, Tianshui City, Gansu Province
Villagers Benefited:1108 villagers (about 180 students)
Project Team:Teacher and student team from Xian Jiaotong University (XJU) and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (POLYU)
Project Sponsor:Cartier

Quotes by WZQers
The bridge bears love and message.
The love is as deep as the sea.
Those who gave their love had left their shadows.
For a ride of a thousand miles.
- Poem from Datan villager, Mr Mao

"It has been days since we said goodbye to each other on the bridge and in the village. We miss you so much. I watched your departure and tears started falling out of my eyes. There was pain in our hearts. The kids cried. The villagers were really grateful for what you did. I could not express my feelings in words. Let me and all the villagers in Datan wish you, your family and your friends all the best in the name of Islam."
- SMS from Datan villager

"You are like a candle who gives all its light and warmth to the students. You are like a fire who lights up the heart of the students. You are like a stone step who allows the next generation to climb up. Your good character and spirit enlighten the lives of others. Your generosity is as wide and high as the sky. Your love is as heavy as the mountain. We will always remember you and your students. With my sincere blessings, all the best!"
- SMS from Datan villager

"This bridge is actually a bridge of friendship that links up the hearts of the people in Hong Kong and the Mainland. Our cooperation was successful and gratifying. Your smile, your passion and your high quality really impressed us."
- Mr Li (Head of Datan Village)

"He told a village kid that "From now on, I am your relative in Hong Kong and you are my relatives in Datan Village."
- Mr Yip (Project and Resources Committee member)