Victoria Wu Zhi Qiao 2010

Site Location:Liutan Village, Huangmen Town, Qingshui County, Tianshui City, Gansu
Villagers Benefited:1170 villagers (164 students)
Project Team:Teacher and student team from Xian Jiaotong University (XJU) and The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)
Project Sponsor:Victoria Educational Organisation; Victoria Nursery & Kindergarten P.T.A.; Victoria Shanghai Academy; Victoria Shanghai Academy (Primary) P.T.A; Victoria Charitable Trust Fund

Quotes by WZQers
"Villagers as well as volunteers from both sides of the China border came together to tie up the cages with wires, pass rocks,
 move rocks, work on the bamboo planks decking on the bridge as well as the railings. I have experienced such tasks for several times already but nonetheless feel happy each time, and never got bored of it, owing to the fact that the people whom I work with is different every time. I find it especially cool when the ‘strong men’ lift the bridge girder and the upper level of the bridge pier. However, what really impressed me in this particular trip was each time when Yang laoshi stood on the bridge to give clear instructions to those lifting the bridge girder, in order for them to place it at the exact position. As an outsider, I really admire how he can just stand on the bridge and measure with such preciseness with the naked eye to either move the girder a few centimetres left or right......Through being involved with Wu Zhi Qiao in the past year, it has changed my life. Most importantly, it taught me principles in life. I have learnt to appreciate what others do and be thankful as to what I have, as well as treat others genuinely......It is with such pleasure and honour to get to know people from Wu Zhi Qiao, or some may call this fate. My ‘family’ has grown now, and I can find friends from several cities in Mainland China. Also, it is great news that quite a few of the volunteers from the project this time are actually post 90s as this echoes the Wu Zhi Qiao spirit: there really are even younger volunteers to be endlessly involved (with Wu Zhi Qiao)."
- Miss Jayne So (WZQ Volunteer)