WZQ latest interview - China News

There is another exclusive interview at Wuzhiqiao! The protagonist this time is Albert Lau, who has participated in the voluntary work of Wuzhiqiao for 9 years.

Albert graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Hong Kong. During his studies, he went to the rural areas of the Mainland to build footbridges, renovate toilets, and volunteer to teach English to children. In July 2022, Albert also served as the emcee for the launch of Wuzhiqiao's new book. 

"What I am building is not just a bridge, but a bridge connecting the hearts of the people of the two places."

Nine years of experience have given him not only his own growth, but also a broad perspective on the heart-to-heart connection of the people of the two places.

Albert is only one of the many student volunteers in Wuzhiqiao. There are more than a thousand student volunteers in Wuzhiqiao silently helping the remote and needy areas in mainland China and Hong Kong to improve local people's livelihood and achieve sustainable development.

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