Dining Hall Construction in Qinqi village

This is our very first dining hall construction project. Due to the impact of the epidemic and various local construction coordination, the construction period has been delayed until the completion of the project at the beginning of this year. 😁 Thank you hpa for the sponsorship and providing a lot of professional opinions, giving the Wu Zhi Qiao school teams the opportunity to learn and experience, the process has benefited a lot.

The team gradually started to investigate, communicate closely with villagers and engineering companies, some problems that need to be solved in a timely manner, follow up the construction progress and ensure the smooth progress of the project in a safe environment. There are many variables along the way.

We are very excited and satisfied to see the achievement! 🤗How do you feel about this new restaurant?!

Let's check out Duan Canteen for more details.



【新意無止 共築琴棋】
時間:19:00-20:00 項目分享;20:00-20:30 納新宣講
線上:騰訊會議 (會議號:196-691-076)
線下:重慶大學B區 第二綜合樓 317教室