WZQ Newsletter【Issue 20】

Although under the influence of the epidemic, the Hong Kong Wu Zhi Qiao school teams were unable to personally assist in rural areas in the Mainland, nor to communicate and work with the Mainland teams face-to-face, but the teams (Hong Kong + Mainland) communicated with each other without hindrance, and everyone held meetings on the Internet from time to time Chat, update and discuss the status of the project.

In the latest issue of Wu Zhi Qiao Newsletter, you can see the results of the efforts of the Wu Zhi Qiao student teams and volunteers. There are also spontaneously organizing and participating in diversified Wu Zhi Qiao activities, expanding volunteer services from serving the rural areas of the mainland to the local area in Hong Kong. There are also future developments and trends of Wu Zhi Qiao, stay tuned!

Wu Zhi Qiao provides volunteer services and a learning exchange platform for students and volunteers to have the opportunity to Explore -> Serve -> Experience -> Connect, please support young people to work together, experience and grow together! 

We need your participation to walk with young people. Donations are welcome/participate in Wu Zhi Qiao activities/support in different forms, thank you!

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