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Macha Village Diary

In 2011, Wu Zhi Qiao (Bridge to China) Charitable Foundation launched the "Mordern Rammed Earth Green Houses Demonstration Project" in Macha, Gansu. The Macha Villager Center built by villagers and volunteers was completed in 2016. Villagers are happy to gather at the center and celebrated different festivals. Over the years, the Wu Zhi Qiao University teams and volunteers have enriching each other's lives with the villagers.

Macha Village Diary record the stories of many local villagers and volunteers. Student volunteers use rammed earth to build and experience the mysteries of their own creativity. The charm of Shaanxi Opera, the innocent smile of children, laughters from the villagers, volunteers show their potential in many aspects, the unforgettable memories. . . All the outcomes are satisfied.

We look forward to explore the possibilities with you in Macha!

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