【Hope you are well】

To our volunteers and friends of Meile village project

Time flies! It's been 7 months since our service trip last summer in Meile village. Do you still remember our service time and every happy and hard working moment in the village?

Meile village is located about 100km from the Lijiang city of Yunnan province. There is beautiful blue sky, white clouds and friendly villagers of the Lisu minority group. About 60 volunteers from Hong Kong and the Mainland arrived in the Meile village at the summer time 2019 and built a 14-meter Bailey bridge with a series of community enrichment projects for the villagers there. 

This project was began with preparation and design work by our student teams for almost one year. Wu Zhi Qiao would like to bring you back to Meile village by rewinding our memories through this video clip. We hope this could sweeten your life and we wish you well.