Bailey Footbridge Construction Manual

It is a great honour that Wu Zhi Qiao and Tongji UQniversity jointly applied for a "lightweight assembled pedestrian bailey bridge", which was granted the patent right by National Intellectual Property Administration! This is definitely the experience and improvement process we have built over the years and it encourage us to move forward with confident! 😃

🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ We started to build the Bailey footbridge since 2016. In addition to let our Wu Zhi Qiao school teams and volunteers to learn related construction skills, we also hope that everyone can grow in the process and build friendship with local villagers and different volunteers.  

The release of this construction manual relies on the cooperation of our project committee and WZQ university teams.  We hope to share this manual with you and benefit more people in need.

Please click here to learn more! (This construction manual is in Chinese only)