Way Forward 2020 by the Founder & Chairman

Wu Zhi Qiao (Bridge to China) Charitable Foundation wish you all a prosperous, joyful and healthy Year of the Rat! 
Let's check out the way forward message from the Founder Ms. Leonie Ki and our Chairman Professor Joseph Sung to every friends of WZQCF in 2020.


2020 Way Forward

2019 was a year of extreme turmoil: Hong Kong's unprecedented social incident has shocked the world and rocked the people of Hong Kong! In the meantime, the Foundation's founder and former Chairman, Sir David Akers-Jones, has passed away at the end of this year. He has served Hong Kong throughout his life, concern and care about the youth and was committed to harmonization of Hong Kong and the Mainland.

Life is always with infinite change, with alternate of old and new, but cannot stop the journey of passers-by and continue to move forward.

Last year the Foundation was persistence. With the joint efforts by the Council members, the Chief Executive Officer and the WZQ teams, the Foundation has over-completed a number of projects which included two footbridges, the HKU WZQ Service Learning Program, Xiaowopu Village Renovation Project, three experiential and service learning programme in Macha and a rammed earth work camp etc. Besides, one more footbridge and two community enrichment programmes were under investigation and design. A total of 367 university students and secondary students have participated in the programmes for the benefit of over 5,400 villagers.

Since Mr. Christopher Hui, our former Chairman, has taken up the role as Executive Director of Hong Kong Financial Services Development Council of the HKSAR, he has heavy responsibilities and had no room to serve as Chairman thus decided to step down. The Foundation was most grateful to entrust the support from Professor Joseph Sung and took up the lead as the new Chairman. Currently, Professor Tseng Sun-man, Ir. Raymond Chan Lai Kin, Ir. Edward Chan, Dr. Eliza Cheung Yee Lai have joined and served as Council Members to add younger force. Apart from extension of the mission of Wu Zhi Qiao, it was vital that the university students who were confused under the current stage, might require someone to listen, consult, understand and support as appropriate.

As the Foundation has entered its 13th year this year, we believe the new Council team will bring new ideas and initiatives! No matter how the world changes, the original mission of the Foundation remains unchanged! The Foundation aims to harmonious the society, promote inclusiveness and enhance mutual understanding with accommodation among university students between Hong Kong and the Mainland with extension to the world. Youth at the urban setting has the opportunities to get into the village, comprehend the living attitude, rural intelligence of the villagers and human heritage. 

In the circumstance, the Foundation will continue to sustain and play the role of connectivity of heart-bridge among youth in Hong Kong and the Mainland.

Last but not least, we would like to welcome more university students in Hong Kong to join the WZQ teams since bridge construction requires people crossing the bridge!

Ms. Leonie Ki  GBS,SBS,JP

Founder and Honorary President


Message of Chairman

With commencement from October 2019, I am honored to be the Chairman of Wu Zhi Qiao (Bridge to China) Charitable Foundation. I am much obliged to Ms. Leonie Ki and members of the Foundation for their beloved with provision of opportunity to serve the youth in Hong Kong and the underprivileged community. During the momentum of frustrations and loss among the younger generation, with tension and contradictions between Hong Kong and the Mainland are running high this day, our work of Wu Zhi Qiao becomes more significant and valuable.

Remember two years ago, I have participated in the footbridge construction project of the Foundation in Gansu and have chance to communicate and exchange with students. Both the Hong Kong and Mainland students stayed in a room together, we have the opportunity to communicate and share snapshots of life until midnight. It has been such a precious moment to me as an educational worker. Upon completion of the project, the villagers have given us a farewell with signage posted at the door which stated: "A footbridge is constructed while leaving behind for us is our friendship and relationship". The value of the Foundation is as stipulated. As Sir David Akers-Jones has remarked, we are endeavor to build a “bridge of mind and spirit” with connectivity among the youth and the older generation; universities and the rural community, cities and village alike.

The future work of the Foundation will be abided by the said spirit, with the construction of footbridges, incinerators, and improvement of public health facilities as driving force, while strengthening the psychological quality of the younger generation, character building, value orientation, team spirit and communication skills. I hope that the Foundation will continue to receive the enduring support from the universities, secondary schools’ teachers and students, professional bodies and dedicated donors. Wishing this meaningful service and work will be endless and nurture youth for generations to come.

Professor Joseph J Y Sung SBS,JP