【Shine On】


【Shine On】Timeless Leadership - Sir David Akers Jones

Because of our late Honorary Chairman, Sir David Akers Jones, everyone gathered to share a lot of the elements that they possess as leaders. "Actions speak louder than words." Akers-Jones spent his whole life as an example to accompany the youngsters go through all their ups and downs, they learnt from each others and Akers-Jones walked together with the youths.  He was truely a role model in the society.

😊As a mentor for young people, we should not only guide them by the side, but also become good listener in time, accompany them to grow together, and cultivate the  leaders of the next generation, to develope the positive personalities or even the world can be improved.

💪 Come on and carry on the leadership spirit of Sir David!

Please click here for the event video.