【Stage Design】

Qing Yu Village in Lantian County, Xi'an, Shaanxi is a peaceful place with stones everywhere. You can enjoy the environment with the centuries-old traditional Shaanxi Opera culture here. The villagers attach great importance to the inheritance of Shaanxi Opera. The folk troupes hold drama performances every year, unforunately there are safety problems around the stage due to lack of maintenance.

In view of this, the students from Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology WZQ team and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University work together to redesign the stage with their creative minds. Regarding the local geographical environment and resources, refer to the villagers' opinions and sharings, unanimously advocate nature and practicality, and take the local materials as the principle to design an unique stage for the villagers.

We look forward to build the stage and friendship together with love and care

~ Investigation Review ~