Earth School 2019


Total 27 participants of students, local craftsmen, profession in the industry and expertise from Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Mainland joined this one-week Earth School. We have had fruitful and fun sessions to experience the character of rammed earth building, the local resident habit, the method and techniques of building earth houses. Our participants had a chance to touch the soil, form their own earth bricks and establish a rammed earth wall together as experiment, we also walked around the village to understand the living condition up at the Gansu Loess Plateau.  

Some of our participants feedback:

  • Know more of the wisdom and technique of rammed earth building
  • Get a first hand experience in living at earth building in local village
  • Establish an interested group to better support and connect
  • Gained friendship and support in the programme

Please click here for more photos.

2019年丨無止橋“土生土長”生土營建工作營紀實日誌Ⅰ 2019-08

2 馬岔實踐課程丨志願者日誌 2019-8-23

2019年丨無止橋“土生土長”生土營建工作營紀實日誌II  2019-09

4 生土雜憶 2019-08-31