Arup Wu Zhi Qiao 2009-2012

Site Location:Mixia Village, Pinghe Township, Luchun County, Honghe State, Yunnan
Villagers Benefited:1950 villagers
Project Team:Ove Arup & Partners HK Ltd (ARUP) and teacher and student team from Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and Kunming University of Science and Technology (KMUST)
Project Sponsor:Ove Arup & Partners HK Ltd

2013.03     Arup Wu Zhi Qiao won Outstanding International Development Project in the British Expertise International Awards 2013.
2012.10     Arup Wu Zhi Qiao is honourabe to be awarded Special Appreciation to a Charity Project in Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (ICE) Joint Structural Division, and Edmund Hambly Medal from the Institution of Civil Engineers based in UK which is for the creative design of an engineering project that makes a substantial contribution to sustainable development.