Xiaowopu Village Enrichment Project (Phase 2) 2019

More than 30 students from Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong, Beijing Jiaotong University, Minzu University of China and Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology Wu Zhi Qiao school teams have participated the Phase 2 of the enrichment programmes with the villagers of Xiaowopu Village.  The goal of this programme is to build a village spring water intake point with the villagers, so that they can safety take water anytime.  In addition, the team also built kitchens, bedrooms, solat lighs installation, electric wire transformation, installed incinerators, conducted garbage classification and plant awareness workshops, and totebag creation for villagers.

The WZQ school teams participating in this programme not only have learned the construction technology, but also realized how to communicate with each other, manage all the resources and build the trust together. After the programme, one student from Hong Kong thought this activity made her the feeling of freshness which is not able to experience in Hong Kong. It completely opened up her field of involvement and increased her knowledge that she might not have been involved in before and didn't know much about it.  

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