Hong Kong Girl Guides Wu Zhi Qiao 2008-2009

Site Location:Maan'qiao Village, Xinan Township, Huili County, Liangshan State, Sichuan
Villagers Benefited:416 villagers (about 60 students)
Project Team:Teacher and student team from Chongqing University (CQU), The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology(HKUST) and The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)
Project Sponsor: The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association

Quotes by WZQers
"Perhaps what struck me the most was the villagers. The village representative’s speech highlighted how much the bridge meant to them, particularly after the 6.1 degree earthquake. Through visiting their houses, I realised the significance of the Village Rebuild Demonstration Project, where villagers were rebuilding houses at a wide range of prices and sizes. Their friendliness affected me. I would have never expected dancing with villagers with their traditional music and steps around a campfire could feel so refreshing. Indeed, happiness and music can break language and cultural barriers. Or the children’s pure innocence: I have possibly heard from time to time how “kids from villages” always have the most genuine personalities. However, it did not hit me until I have physically experienced it. It almost felt surreal when a bunch of children swarmed up to me trying to take my camera to take pictures with them, or told me “your hair is very pretty”. It then dawned on me: are “children from the city” actually equally, if not more, happy? To what extent does materialism play a part as the source of joy or to satisfy one’s need? How does one actually measure “happiness”? The primary school student’s representative from the village said “we are poor but we are happy” at the closing ceremony-perhaps this overtly indicates the tranquil country life, coupled with the basic values of love, warmth, care, may beat the hustle bustle of a day’s life in a city?"
- Miss Jayne So (WZQ Volunteer)