HKU WZQ Experiential Learning Program 2019

"It was amazing to see so many stars filled up the sky and we enjoyed the quality and slow pace time in the village. So we could share, and reflect on some life issues..." shared by a student from Hong Kong. 


This year we have had a fantastic, fun and meaningful summer with about 40 students from University of Hong Kong and volunteers from Xian to join a 4-week Experiential Learning Program in China.

The first week we spent time to explore the capital city Bejing by visiting both historical and modern architecture.

The second week we moved to Xian city to understand the historical lifestyle and wisdoms in the old time.

The last 2-week we were excited to station in a remote and rural village up the Gansu plateau to learn the local wisdom and cultures, as well as to contribute in several community improvement projects such as installation of renewable lampstands, digging water ditches, helping out in the farmland, research on several topics such as left-behind children, shadow puppetry, traditional chinese medicine and etc.

We built strong connection and spiritual bondage with each others as we learn, we grow, we serve together in those few weeks.  


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