Village Rebuild Demonstration Project in Ma‘anqiao Village, Sichuan

Site Background – Maan Qiao Village, at the southern tip of Sichuan, is one of the poorest villages in Xinan Township. The 6.1 degree earthquake in Panzhihua on 30 August 2008 has added further burden to this deprived village. Almost all the village homes were collapsed or severely damaged. There is very little the villagers can do, very limited helps from the outside has managed to reach them, and rebuilding works has been slow, if at all.

Villagers Benefited – 36 families, around 1,054 villagers

Project Team – Volunteer teams from Hong Kong and the Mainland

Project Sponsor – Lee Hysan Foundation

Project Summary – With the support from Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and Lee Hysan Foundation, Wu Zhi Qiao (Bridge to China) Charitable Foundation has mobilized university teams both from Hong Kong and the Mainland to launch the Village Rebuild Demonstration Project in Maan Qiao Village, Xinan Township, Huili County, Liangshan State, Sichuan, China in 2009, including:

1. Empowered 36 families to rebuild homes by traditional rammed-earth techniques with improved anti-seismic measures.
2. Assisted in the re-building of the community by providing a community centre and a public plaza for social gathering and capacity building
3. Improved the local commutation of over 400 local villagers with a footbridge and village pathways.
4. Improved Hygiene and Environmental Health Conditions through enhancing building architectural designs and developing health promotion programmes
5. Maximized the demonstration impact of the project with an anti-seismic rammed-earth village house DIY construction manual and related capacity building programmes.

PublicationAnti-seismic Rammed-earth Village House DIY Construction Manual

Awards – The project was bestowed various international and local awards, including:

UNESCO Asia Pacific Heritage Award 2011 – Jury Commendation for Innovation



The 12th National Challenge Cup – The Best Project



Green Building Award 2010 – New Buildings – Asia Pacific, Institutional/Community Project Grand Award



Design for Asia Award 2010 – Merit Award









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