MOHURD Demonstration Project of Advanced Rammed Earth Eco-Dwellings in Mancha Village of Huining County in Gansu

Site Background – Earth has been applied as the major construction material for a long time worldwide. Even nowadays in China, at least 100 million people are living in the traditional earth-buildings. With a number of advantages in building up eco-friendly houses, the modern earth construction has been considered as one of the most efficient and green construction methods in the world.

Invited by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MoHURD), the WZQ team of Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology and International Centre for Earth Construction (CRATerre-EAG) has jointly launched the “Modern Earth House Rebuild and Sustainable Development Research Demonstration Project” in Huining County, Gansu since May 2011. This project has been coordinated by WZQ Charitable Foundation and sponsored by Swire Properties Limited, aiming to develop rammed earth construction in China.

Villagers Benefited – 25 nos (directly), 1,200 nos (indirectly)

Project Team – Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, International Centre for Earth Construction (CRATerre-EAG)

Project Sponsor – Swire Properties Limited swireproperties

Project Summary – There are mainly three phases of this project.
Phase 1: Experiment on Material and Core Construction Technology
According to the nature of earth on the Loess Plateau and referred from related researches, this project will optimize: 1) the capability of rammed earth with added sand and stones; 2) the relevant construction equipment and tools. Try to figure out an appropriate construction method through authentic construction experiments, which combines the traditional rammed earth construction techniques and the local construction traditions of villagers.

Phase 2: Village Building Construction Demonstration and Technical Training
Design and co-work with local villagers to build up the first modern green rammed earth village house of in China and promote the modern techniques among the villages by training.

Phase 3: Summarize and Promote
Design and publish a DIY Construction manual which summarizes the research outcomes and achievements on earth house construction of this project. Moreover, encourage and assist the villagers to build up their own earth house after completed the demonstration project. As far, another 6 modern earth houses have been completed by villagers.

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