Wu Zhi Qiao at Liudou Village

Site Location – Liudou Village, Heping Township, Pingbian County, Honghe State

Site Background – There are 135 households with 720 populations in Liudou Village. The villagers are mainly Miu and Han minority. Annual per capita income is about RMB600-1000. The primary school is located next to the main road. 150 students need to walk half an hour for school.

The Need – During raining seasons (May to July), the river is about 9 meters. The water is 1 meter. Currently, the villagers cross the river by steping stones.

Villagers Benefited – 720 nos (about 150 students)

Project Team – Teacher and student team from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)

Project Sponsors – Bull Capital Partners Limited


The team used an abandoned truck to make the main beam of the bridge. Part of bridge spans and handrails are also come from the truck. With the assistance from the villagers, 10 meters long footbridge was built sucessfully on 18 Jan.

During the bridge construction period, 110 meter long muddy road leads to the bridge was restored.

Project team finalized the bridge design in Dec and planned to have the bridge building trip in Jan next year.
CUHK conducted the 1st investigation trip in Nov.