Wharf Xiejia Village Wu Zhi Qiao I & II

Site Location – Xiejia Village, Xueshan Township, Weining County

Site Background – During dry season, the villagers and students normally make use of stepping stones to cross the river near the bridge site of Maoergu. But when the rainy season comes, they can’t access the river anymore and it is said that the local students had ever felt into the river in the storm. Meanwhile, another bridge site of Yangou is the only access for villagers to walk to the town and school. During rainy days in summer, the children can’t cross the river as the highest water level often reaches 2 m. The team plan to build 2 footbridges for the village and it is estimated that around 1800 villagers will be benefited. Based on the on-site investigation, the team is working out plans to improve livelihood, including maintaining water system of the school, building a new incinerator, installing facilities for classrooms e.g. fans and energy saving lamps, and helping document the local folks etc.

Villagers Benefited – 1800 nos (direct)

Sponsor – Wharf Limited

WZQ Project Team – The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi`an University of Architecture and Technology


Around 80 passionate volunteers successfully built 2 footbridges in the village and made efforts on livelihood enrichment activities, including building an incinerator and installing new curtains and energy saving lamps at the school, organizing educational activities for the local students etc.
The team conducted the 2nd investigation and started to plan livelihood enrichment activities and prepare for logistics.
The team conducted the 1st village investigation about the bridge site and villagers’ lives. Please click here for the report. (Chinese version only)