Victoria Daping Wu Zhi Qiao

Site Location – Daping Village, Daping Township, Wanshan District, Tongren City

Site Background – Kemaxi group is subordinate to Daping Village, Wanshan District, Tongren City, with a population of 400. The locals are Dong and Tujia minority. During rainy seasons (Mar-May), the water level reaches 1 meter high with a span of 20 meters. The most frequent high water level is 2 meters with a span of 40 meters. During dry seasons, the average water level is 0.3 meters with a span of 3 meters.

The Need – During floods in rainy seasons, the only access to 800 local and nearby villagers is blocked and adults have to carry the students on their back to school.

Villagers Benefited – 800 nos (about 50 students)

Project Team – Teacher and student team from Sichuan University and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Project Sponsors: VEO LogoVNPTA VSA Primary PTA LG Sec PTA Logo VCT

  • Victoria Educational Organisation
  • Victoria Nursery & Kindergarten P.T.A.
  • Victoria Shanghai Academy
  • Victoria Shanghai Academy (Primary) P.T.A
  • Victoria Shanghai Academy (Secondary) P.T.A
  • Victoria Charitable Trust Fund

  • Milestone

    Although encountered continuous rain during construction trip, 40 professional and student volunteers from universities in Hong Kong and Mainland with the local villagers made great effort to successfully complete the footbridge.
    The foundation construction was completed on 25 May 2014. Family photos were taken for some 40 families of the Kemaxi and Xianwa group during the trip. These will be presented to the villagers during the construction trip.
    The project team conducted the 2nd survey about logistics arrangement, construction materials and the community situation etc. Please click here for relevant report. (Chinese version only)
    The project team formed by students from Sichuan University, The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University conducted the 1st survey trip in June 2013. Based on the site visit, they finished the 1st survey report. Please click here to have a look.