Wu Zhi Qiao at Sancha Village


Site Location – Sancha Village, Liqiao Township, Maiji District, Tianshui City

Site Background – In the village, there are 117 households with 200 populations. The villagers are Han people. In these years, they use stepping stones and a simple wooden bridge truck to cross the river. However, the stones will be washed away during flood season. Kids and the elderly are unable to cross the river.

The Need – School, road and the village office are located in the opposite side of the river. As the locals live in poverty, they don’t have any proper facility to cross the river. During rainy season, the river is rapid and the water level is about 1 meter, The river span also can reach about 30 meters.

Villagers Benefited – 200 nos (about 30 students)

Project Team – WZQ teams from Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology and Chu Hai College; student volunteers from THEi, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hang Seng Management College, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, Xi’an Jiaotong University,etc.

Project Sponsor – Quisha Lee & Tiqa Lee and family, Mr Ding De Yang and Family


The 30th Wu Zhi Qiao footbridge in rural China was completed successfully in Sancha Village, Gansu on 24th April. Around 45 professional and student volunteers from Hong Kong and Mainland universities jointly built up a 36 meters long footbridge to help villagers cross the river during rainy season. More than that, the team also helped implement the community enrichment by improving the condition of school, maintaining the well, etc.
The team conducted adjustments about the gabion bridge, and helped repair the walls of classrooms, improving a better environment for school students.
The team proposed a series of community enrichment plans based on the investigation, including improvement plans about the school, playground and health care, etc. Click here for the report. (Chinese version only)
The team laid the foundation for the gabion bridge in Aug 2013.
The design of bridge is ready, please click here for the blueprint. (Chinese version only)
XUAT team conducted the survey trip in late Apr.
XUAT team conducted the 1st investigation trip in Jan. Click here for investigation report (Chinese version only).