Xingguang Village Wu Zhi Qiao

Site Location – Xingguang Village, Lutang Township, Pengshui County

Site Background – Villagers are mainly of Miao ethnicity. Water shortage is apparent to 25% of the 2,326 villagers. The proposed bridge site is essential to the daily usage of 118 school children during adverse weather condition.

The Need – Clean water supply and water storage, as well as a footbridge

Villagers Benefited – 220 nos

Project Team – Tsinghua University and The Chinese University of Hong Kong WZQ Teams

Sponsor – Wharf Limited


Aug 21-29, around 60 student volunteers from universities and high schools of Hong Kong and the Mainland built a footbridge to the locals. Moreover, they helped to improve villagers’ livelihood by building and repairing water tanks and holding educational programmes for the students, teaching them how to protect and use water safely.
In order to better utilize the scarce water resources in Xingguang village, Wu Zhi Qiao will fund the construction of a 80m³ water tank, as well as the repair of two damaged water tanks (100m³ and 90m³). Please click here to view the design.
The second investigation trip was completed in Mar 2015. Please click here for the report. (Chinese version only)
The team conducted an investigation on the economy, water resources, public health, education, bridge site and architecture of the village in August 2014. Please click here for the report. (Chinese version only)