Wharf Qingling Village Wu Zhi Qiao (North Bridge)

Site Location – Qingling Village, Zhufo Township, Pengshui County

Site Background – Villagers are mainly of Miao and Tujia ethicity. Currently, there are 407 households, and most of the residents are elderly people. The average water level is 0.3 meters, but it will rise up to 0.8 meters when the flood comes. The flood water level in 1980 was 2.0 meters.

The Need – The bridge will connect the 700 villagers living on the hillside with the remaining 900 villagers of Qingling Village. Currently, during floods, their connection is completely cut and those living on the hillside have no access to medical services.

Villagers Benefited – 1,700 villagers

Project Team – Teacher and student teams from Chongqing University, Minzu University of China and The University of Hong Kong

Project Sponsor -The Wharf (Holdings) Limitedwharf


During 25 to 31 July 2015, 30 volunteers from Hong Kong and the Mainland jointly built a pavilion, an incinerator as well as the improvement works for a school e.g. playground facilities construction, toilet improvement etc. in Qingling village. Household visits and interactive session with more than 60 primary students were also conducted.
CQU & HKU teams conducted the 2nd investigation trip for the second phase of village improvement programme in April. The maintenance of villager's home and bridge completed in previous year had also been done.
Project team conducted the 1st investigation trip for the second phase of village improvement programme in Dec 2014.
From 20 July to 26 July, 61 professional, university and secondary student volunteers from Hong Kong, Mainland and U.S. built a 8-metre-long footbridge. They also repaired the first bridge in Qingling Village built in 2013 which was damaged by serious floods in early July, as well as improved the toilet and facilities in Qingling primary school. The team also carried out education projects with local primary school students.
The team laid the foundation of the bridge for the construction work to be launched in July.
With the co-operation work of students from different universities, the report is available as here for your reference. (Chinese version only)
The preparation of this project has been proceeded into the new phase. The team not only had adjusted the bridge design and collected information about the construction materials, but also investigated the conditions about the eco-toilet, arbor and community enrichment projects. Please click here for the report. (Chinese version only)
The 1st survey trip was conducted by Chongqing University, Minzu University of China, The University of Hong Kong and WZQ foundation staff in Jan 2014. The team not only investigated the 2nd bridge site, but also reviewed the 1st bridge built by WZQ in 2013. Moreover, they also investigated the other projects in the village, e.g. livelihood, heritage temples and education, etc.. Click here for the report (Chinese version only).