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Wharf Xiejia Village Wu Zhi Qiao project in Guizhou (1 Nov 2017)

A bridge construction project in Xiejia Village, Guizhou is sponsored by The Wharf (holdings) Limited.  WZQ teams from Hong Kong University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, Chongqing Jiantong University and Wharf volunteers were participated.  Volunteers stayed focus all time in Xiejia Village, in order to complete their goals, benefiting local villagers.

In addition to being sweat for the bridge building, students also participated in a number of livelihood projects such as the construction of lighting systems for villagers, wall painting, reconstruct the incinerators, and play games with the kids in Shuang He Pei Cai primary school, they are all enjoyed their time there. Life is simple, life is fun and full of happiness.

Rainbow Team have created an infinite Rainbow for Xiejia Village. :)

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IMG_5780 IMG_7285 IMG_2661 DSC06151 DSC05479 DSC05161 IMG_8205 DSC06218IMG_7199 IMG_7951


WZQ 10th Anniversary! (30 Oct 2017)

Around 200 guests including our generous donors, partners, members and friends gathered to share the joyful moment together at our WZQ 10th Anniversary Dinner.

We are grateful to have Mr. K.S. Wong, GBS, JP, Secretary for the Environment of the HKSAR and Honorary Advisor of WZQ sharing his WZQ journey.  2 performances by “Victoria Shanghai Academy and Friends” and student members of our university teams were played with full of joy.  At the dinner is drawing to an end, our honorable guests and 7 principals led all to sing a song 《朋友》(friends).  Wish our friendship forever and may our spiritual bridge link us to strive for the good causes and sustainable development of villages in Mainland.

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Wu Zhi Qiao 10th Anniversary Events (23 Oct 2017)


Jockey Club Wu Zhi Qiao Service Learning Programme –
Chongqing Fengshan Bridge Building Trip
As the first project of the programme supported by Hong Kong Jockey Club, university students from Hong Kong and the Mainland and youths from ELCHK completed a bridge and a series of community services in Fengshan Village, Chongqing. <project details>



Logo Design Competition for Wu Zhi Qiao 10th Anniversary
Thank you for our members’ creativity, the WZQ 10th anniversary logo design of Li Qiangqiang (former core member of Xi’an University of Architecture and technology WZQ Team) has been selected. With the concept of Chinese ink painting, “10” is similar to the word “heart” in Chinese which means follow our minds to strive for good cause and promulgate the concept of sustainability with innovation.

20170407 定稿方案120170407 定稿方案1


〈十年‧無止聚〉WZQ 10th Anniversary Celebrations by University Teams
Different events were held by the university teams to celebration our 10th anniversary. Former and new members gathered and shared the joy.

Sharing Session – Kunming University of Science and Technology Team

Xi’an City Wall Marathon – Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology Team

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WZQ Exhibition – Beijing Jiaotong University Team

Sharing Session – Minzu University of China Team


「同慶香港回歸二十載」 香港與內地青年聚善連心無止橋
Supported by Home Affairs Bureau, around 70 volunteers have built a bridge (「同慶香港回歸二十載」香港與內地青年聚善連心無止橋) and conducted a series of community services during August 19-27 in Liuzhu Village, Yunnan.
<project details>、<HKSAR 20 Facebook post>



Macha Field Trip with Hong Kong University
Prof. Ian Holliday, Vice President of Hong Kong University has led 13 professors to have a field trip to explore the development of cross-disciplinary experiential learning programme in Macha Village, Gansu.


International Modern Earthen Architecture Symposium /
Earthen Architecture Beijing-Hong Kong 
Bi-City Exhibition
Supported by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China(MOHURD) and WZQ, the exhibition is held from September 16 to November 6. This exhibition is featured a variety of ramming tools and soils from different provinces and states in the Mainland, furthermore worldwide examples of rammed earth products and buildings. It is a great opportunity to let the public to understand the possibilities of rammed-earth use. <details>

《人生有幾個十年》Book Released
A new book 《人生有幾個十年》has been released to share different WZQ stories throughout this 10 years. Articles written by our members and friends let readers to understand the development of village in Mainland, encourage the public to strive for good causes by taking actions.



聚善連心 – WZQ 10th Anniversary Dinner
WZQ members, partners, donors and friends will gather to celebrate 10th anniversary, share experience and stories of their WZQ journey during the dinner.


Ma Cha Village Centre Service, Huining County, Gansu (11 Oct 2017)

WZQ School teams came to Macha Village during summer.  Apart from building incinerators and playgrounds for villagers, making small rammed earth gifts and setting up photo walls for Macha Village Centre, they also held workshops and lectures to explain and transfer practical knowledges, mutual understanding with villagers through home visits.

How delightful to have friends coming in from afar!  An evening party was prepared especially for students and villagers to participate in various cultural performances, they all enjoyed and had so much fun.

Photo wall: unforgettable experience, unforgettable memory

DSC_7950 IMG_7537
Lecture and sharing for villagers

Villager introduce featured hand-made experience

DSCF0946 IMG_6868
Experience and promote environmental protection

DSC_8494 DSC_8331
Build and communicate with the villagers

Enjoyable evening party

International Modern Earthen Architecture Symposium/Earthen Architecture Beijing-Hong Kong Bi-City Exhibition (19 Sep 2017)

‘International Modern Earthen Architecture Symposium and Earthen Architecture Beijing – Hong Kong Bi-City Exhibition’ was opened in Beijing on September 16, the exhibition period will be opened until November 6. This exhibition is featured a variety of ramming tools and soils from different provinces and states in the Mainland, furthermore worldwide examples of products and buildings which the architects used with rammed earth to design and build. It is a great opportunity to connect humans and rammed-earth and let the public to understand the possibilities of rammed-earth use. Wu Zhi Qiao have showed some of the previous projects that Hong Kong and Mainland University teams contributed. Student teams and the volunteers from overseas are also created the rammed-earth products together, instead of showing their creativity and characteristics, friendship and caring are built up during this exhibition.

“Back to earth” Earthen Architecture Beijing-Hong Kong Bi-City Exhibition
Date: 16.09.2017-06.11.2017
Opening Hours: 10:00-17:00 (Monday to Saturday)
Venue: Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture-West Campus “Exhibition hall”
Sponsor: Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China(MOHURD), Wu Zhi Qiao (Bridge to China) Charitable Foundation
Organizer: Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for future urban design, Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture(School of Architecture & Urban Planning)

For more information, please visit:

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Join us | Liuzhu Village Wu Zhi Qiao Construction Trip in Yunnan (3 Jul 2017)

The Baga River divides Liuzhu Village into two parts. Villagers currently rely on a damaged bridge for access to schools, farmland, grazing areas and markets. Join us and be part of the team to construct a new, safe bridge and carry out a series of community improvement programmes for around 1791 villagers residing in the area!

Liuzhu Village WZQ Project (sponsored by the Home Affairs Bureau of the HKSAR)

Construction period: 19 – 27 August, 2017
Project site: Liuzhu Village, Baga Township, Yanshan County, Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province
Organizing WZQ teams: The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Tongji University, Kunming University of Science and Technology

Enrolment deadline: 15 July 2017
Interview: 19 – 20 July 2017
Briefing Session: 1 August 2017
(** All the participants MUST attend the briefing session.)

Enquiries: Harry (5908 5496) / Calvin (9024 8307) | Email: [email protected]

For enrolment details, please refer to [the poster and the enrolment form].
Please click [here] for more project details.


Join us | Xiejia Village Wu Zhi Qiao Construction Trip in Guizhou (26 Jun 2017)

Plan to do something meaningful this summer? Another project in Guizhou in coming August is open for recruitment NOW! To help villagers in Xiejia Village of Guizhou to cross river safely and improve their livings, we plan to build two footbridges and implement a series of village enrichment works including primary school activity day, incinerator construction, etc. Come on and Join us!

Construction period: 12 – 20 August 2017
Project Site: Xiejia Village, Xueshan Township, Weining County, Guizhou
Sponsor: Wharf Limited
Organizing WZQ teams: The University of Hong Kong, The University of Science and Technology, Xi`an University of Architecture and Technology, Chongqing Jiaotong University
Enrolment deadline: 2 July 2017
Interview: 8-9 July 2017
Briefing Session: 1 August 2017
** All the participants MUST attend briefing session
Enrolment Form: Please click 【here】 to download.
Project details:

Enquiries: Gifthy (5405 6284) / Orick (5401 7050) / Aster (6704 1693) or Email: [email protected]


Join us | Macha Village Wu Zhi Qiao Service Trip in Gansu 【Jockey Club Wu Zhi Qiao Service Learning Programme】 (14 Jun 2017)

Thanks for the efforts by more than 110 university student volunteers and around 40 local villagers, the Macha Village Centre in Gansu was built to enhance the social and cultural development of the village. Supported by 【Jockey Club Wu Zhi Qiao Service Learning Programme】, we are going back in coming July and having a series of village center renovation and community projects (including eco-toilet building, garbage handling system set up, children and women education, etc) to improve villagers’ quality of livelihood and enhance the sustainability development of the village. Come and join us!

Funded by: The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

Service Period: 22 to 30 July 2017
Project Site: Macha Village, Dingjiagou County, Baiyin City, Gansu
Organizing University teams: Xi‘an University of Architecture and Technology, Xi‘an Jiaotong University
Deadline: 22 June 2017
Interview: 24-25 June 2017
Briefing session: 3 July 2017
** All the participants MUST attend the briefing session
Enquiries: Fiona 2742 4668 or Email: [email protected]
Enrolment details:
Project details:

macha poster_V2

Enrolment Opens | “Back to Earth” Summer Internship Programme (12 Apr 2017)

bj_summer intership poster_final

(Click to zoom in the poster)

The Wu Zhi Qiao (Bridge to China) Charitable Foundation is a charity registered in Hong Kong (no: 91/8739). We exist to build footbridges and village facilities in poor villages in the Mainland with the help of Hong Kong and Mainland university students, thereby building a spiritual bridge with love, appreciation and mutual understanding through inter-university initiatives. Over the years, the Foundation has provided over 3,000 university students and volunteers real-life experience to execute a service project which has a direct impact. Some of our projects have won international accolades in green designs and regional significance.

“Back to Earth” Summer Internship Programme
Construction with earthen materials, as one of the oldest traditional technology, was widely applied all over villages of China during the past thousands of years. It has been Wu Zhi Qiao’s long term endeavour to improve living conditions of villagers through advancing traditional construction wisdom by introducing and localizing international advanced technique and modern technology. In our collaborative demonstration projects with the Ministry of Housing, Rural and Urban Development, Wu Zhi Qiao has been introducing an advanced rammed earth construction method for villagers to build safe, comfortable, decent and modern dwellings with comparable construction cost and ease.

The advanced construction method was also spread to 8 provinces since 2011, with over 130 rammed-earth demonstration houses being built by local villagers. More than 400 craftsmen and villagers have been trained as “trainers” to further promulgate the method in their own villages.

To share the achievement and promulgate the concept of sustainability of the project, “Back to Earth – Earth Architecture Exhibition” will be held in Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture (北京建築大學) during the 10th anniversary of Wu Zhi Qiao this year. Wu Zhi Qiao is now inviting energetic, passionate and creative young souls to join this summer internship programme to realise this exhibition together with a group mainland students and professionals in the field.

Through the internship, you will have a chance to:
• learn about indigenous architecture, advanced rammed earth building method;
• understand sustainable architecture concepts and how technology innovation improves lives;
• gain experience in the preparation of an exhibition;
• work with university students from Mainland China/overseas;
• develop your social and organizational skills;
• direct energy and passion to a charity cause, and help promote sustainability concepts.

Location and Schedule
• Beijing: 1.5-2 months during Jun-Aug 17 (dates slightly negotiable)
• Hong Kong: Sept/Oct (debriefing and sharing sessions)

Key engagements during the Internship
• To learn the advanced rammed earth technology and concepts of sustainable architecture through programme briefing;
• To support the planning and execution of the “Back to Earth – Earth Architecture Exhibition” under professional guidance;
• To design and complete the exhibition panels and earth-based exhibits, and participate in the design and construction of earth-based landscape facilities on campus;
• To introduce Wu Zhi Qiao and related projects and achievements on earth construction to the public during the trial operation period of exhibition; and
• To consolidate experience and share with the team/public by reflective journals and sharing session.

• Full time university student
• Share the same mission and values with Wu Zhi Qiao
• Good command of spoken and written Chinese (Cantonese and Putonghua) and English
• Good communication and interpersonal skills
• Open minded, creative, independent and with a can-do attitude
• A good team player and multi-tasking skill
• All disciplines, applicants with visual design and architecture studies background and/or related experiences are preferred

No. of Placements: 10

All interns are expressed to support on voluntary basis. Travelling subsidies will be provided and details will be shared to the enrolled participants. For interested applicants, please send in your application with below details:
1. Why you would like to be part of the internship programme;
2. How you could contribute in the programme;
3. Your availability.
Please send your application letter and CV to [email protected]

All information will be treated in strict confidence and only used for the internship application purpose. Only shortlisted candidates will be invited to the interview.


Project Sharing Session 2017 (24 Mar 2017)

Welcome to join WZQ Project Sharing Session in March! (8 Mar 2017)

Thanks every friend of Wu Zhi Qiao for supporting our bridge building and community enrichment projects as always. In this January, we just have completed two projects and now we are organizing a project sharing session for volunteers to share experiences. You are most welcome to join and know more about our works from WZQ student teams directly.

WZQ Project Sharing Session
Date: 18 March 2017 (Sat)
Time: 2pm – 5pm (reception opens at 1:30pm)
Venue: 1st Floor, Hall, St Andrew’s Church Christian Centre, 138 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Content: project sharing, interaction/discussion, info on upcoming projects
Language: Cantonese

Please go to and fill in the form. First come, first served!
Should you have any enquiries, please contact WZQ staff Fiona at [email protected] / 2742 4668. Thank you!

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Welcome to join WZQ Project Sharing Session in March! (8 Mar 2017)