News in 2008

A New Wu Zhi Qiao was built in Malie Village, Malie Town, Hanyuan County, Ya’an City, Sichuan (23 Dec 2008)
image34About 16 student and professional volunteers from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Wuhan University of Technology, Xi’an Jiaotong University and the Communist Youth League of China (stationed at Hanyuan) accomplished a new Wu Zhi Qiao for the locals in Malie Village, Malie Town, Hanyuan County on 21 Dec. The bridge improves the commutations of over 220 villagers. Please click here for more project details.

A New Wu Zhi Qiao was built in Baiyun Village, Houyu Town, Hanyuan County, Ya’an City, Sichuan (23 Dec 2008)
DIGITAL CAMERAHanyuan County is badly affected during the 512 quake calamity and Houyu Town is also one of the most seriously affected Township. As Apart from the funding support, the Foundation mobilized university students from the field of bridge architecture to facilitate the locals to build a stone arch bridge in early Nov to improve their commutation conditions after quake, and more importantly, provide an opportunity for students to learn and document local traditional architectural wisdom.
Please click here for further project details.

Foundation’s Initiatives after 512 Sichuan Earthquake (21 Nov 08)
image29Since 512 Sichuan Earthquake, team members of Foundation have conducted several investigation trips to some of quake-affected villages including Xiaojin County of Ngawa Prefecture and Jiange County of Guangyuan City with the representatives from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Xi’an University of Architecture and Technolgy. It aims to understand current status of rebuilding, and investigate the feasibility for the Foundation to support rebuilding in the area. Besides, team members have conducted site visit to Huili County of Liangshan State and Hanyuan County of Ya’an City in late Sep, and to explore sites with bridge building needs.

Mainland University Survey Trips to 3 WZQ Project Sites (30 Sep 08)
With the Foundations’ funding support, Mainland University Wu Zhi Qiao Project teams have conducted site surveys to Anhui, Gansu and Yunnan in July and August 2008. In these trips, the teams obtained survey data of the river, historical and cultural background of the villages, conditions of the river and existing bridges, etc. All these survey results will provide necessary information for future bridge design, project planning and implementation work. For details, please feel free to go to “Project Updates”.

The first batch of Wu Zhi Qiao was built in Gansu and Shaanxi (24 Jul 08) 
image016Close to 60 student volunteers mainly from Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Xian Jiao Tong University accomplished the first batch of Wu Zhi Qiao in Xingshi Village in the Tongchuan City of Shaanxi, and Datang Village in the Tianshui City of Gansu on 18 July. The bridges are sponsored and named by Cartier.

With the common vision in mind, all volunteers were very dedicated to help and work under rain or hot sun. Their hard work and passion deeply touched the hearts of all villagers, and mobilized over a hundred villagers to join hands with villagers. Please click here to see the relevant press release, here to see thank you letter from Datan Village Head (Chinese version only) and here to see a photo album.

Cartier Love Day (19 Jun 08)
Cartier launched its Love Day global event today. The Foundation is honoured to be the beneficiary charity of their Cartier Love Day event this year. Cartier will raise fund to support the Foundation through their retail sales and love stamp activities in Hong Kong and the Mainland China. The money raised will support mainland and Hong Kong students to build a Wu Zhi Qiao bridge in Shaanxi, China. The Foundation, once again, would like to express sincere gratitude to Cartier’s generosity. For details of Cartier Love Day, please visit

The pier construction work for Cartier Wu Zhi Qiao in Shaanxi has been finished. University project teams have planned to accomplish it in mid July.

Collaboration with Xian University of Architecture and Technology (19 Jun 08)
Image013On 16 June, our Honorary Chairman, Sir David Aker-Jones signed a letter of intent with the President of Xu Delong, Xian University of Architecture and Technolgy to signify the common vision to promote the spirit of Wu Zhi Qiao. The Foundation will further enhance collaboration with Xian University of Architecture and Technolgy to develop Wu Zhi Qiao projects in Northwest China.

Make an On-line Donation (19 May 08)
The Foundation has recently launched an online donation service. It is simple, convenience and safe. To support our young generation and the needy from the remote and deprived rural areas in the Mainland China, please pledge your support here.

News on Current Projects (19 May 08)
Image012University Project Teams have paid visits from Jan to Apr to conduct further survey, assessment and to liaise with locals for their bridge design concept. Some of them have met with contractors to make some preparation work for the projects and started to purchase necessary materials and to make logistic arrangement for bridge construction in this summer. To see their work, please feel free to go to “Project Updates” for details.

Site Selection for New Wu Zhi Qiao Projects (19 May 08)
During Mar and Apr 08, team member of the Foundation and University representatives in the Mainland China have conducted surveillance trips to Yunnan, Anhui, Shaanxi and Gansu to select project sites for next batch of Wu Zhi Qiao projects. Please kick and learn about some of the site details:
• Fangmaba Village, Zhaoyang District, Zhaotong City, Yunnan (click here for site info)
• Taibai Village, Heshui Country, Qingyang City, Gansu (click here for site info)
• Meicun Township, Guichi District, Chizhou City, Anhui (click here for site info)

Wu Zhi Qiao on the Ice (Mar 08)
Image009Team member of the Foundation has revisited the first Wu Zhi Qiao in Maosi Village of Gansu province this Winter. The bridge is still standing on the river very well even under chilling weather. Local villagers don’t need to walk on the ice to cross the river any more. Please click here to see more photos.

Wu Zhi Qiao Charity Gala Dinner 2008 (31 Jan 08)
Image002The first Wu Zhi Qiao Charity Gala Dinner was held on 25 January 2008 at Grand Hyatt Hotel. The Foundation was proud to have The Honourable Wong Yan Lung, SC, JP, Secretary for Justice of the HKSAR was the Guest of Honour, and Mr Li Bingdi, Director of the Village Building Office presented and delivered a speech on behalf of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, P.R.C. Please click here for their full speeches (in Chinese version only) and here for the welcoming remarks from Mr Adrian Cheng, the Chairman of Fundraising Committee.

The Dinner has successfully held to raise the much needed fund to support 4-5 upcoming Wu Zhi Qiao Projects. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all our generous donors and supporters to make our bridge causes possible.

Please click here for more photos on the Gala Dinner.

Four Wu Zhi Qiao Bridge designs developed (31 Jan 08)
After rounds of survey trips and group discussions, the University Project Teams have developed initial bridge designs of 4 Wu Zhi Qiao bridges. The team will further communicate the designs with local construction bureaus and locals to refine details and meet local needs.