Liguang Village Wu Zhi Qiao Construction Trip in Yunnan

The Wu Zhi Qiao school teams have teamed up with “Project WeCan” program and the University of Edinburgh teacher and student volunteer team to come to Liguang Village for a nine day volunteer service during summer.  Except for the construction of two 16m and 8m respectively, the team have also built toilets and incinerators, improve circuit equipment, held safety and health seminars, home visit and took family photos for the villagers.

Thanks to the sponsorship of The Wharf (Holdings) Limited, providing the students the opportunity to serve the villagers in Liguang Village.  Students get to experience a lot in the volunteering, met a lot of new friends with different backgrounds.  All the team works and communications have built up the friendship and work together as a whole.

Liguang Village(Heshang-Hexia) project video:

Ming Pao publication:…/Newspaper/20181118.pdf

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