Join us | Wu Zhi Qiao Construction Trip in XiaoWoPu Village, Hebei Province

The villagers in Xiaowopu Village are very friendly.  Everytime when the Wu Zhi Qiao volunteers go to the village to serve, they are very nice and enthusiastic.  Are you willing to get to know them?  Come and enjoy the atmosphere with the villagers!  You can also recognize a lot of volunteers with the same goal, join us to share your unique volunteer service experience with the others~~~ Looking forward to meet you participating in the cultural activities and improvement projects of Xiaowopu!

Funded by: Atlantis Educational Foundation Fund Limited

Service Period : 24 July – 1 August, 2019
Project Site : Xiao Wo Pu Village, Fengning County, Hebei Province
Organising University Teams : THEi Wuzhiqiao Team, Beijing Jiaotong
 University Wuzhiqiao Team, Minzu University of China Wuzhiqiao Team

Application Deadline
 : 24 June, 2019 (Mon)
Selection Interview : 26-27 June, 2019
Briefing session : 14 July, 2019 (To be confirmed)
** All participants MUST attend the briefing session

Technological and Higher Educational Institute of Hong Kong:  
Sherry: (852)9401-9465 / Adeline: (852)5628-2539
Email: [email protected]
Wu Zhi Qiao (Bridge to China) Charitable Foundation:
(852)2742 4668 or Email: [email protected]

For enrolment details, please refer to the enrolment form and poster.  

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