China Today – 14 days of HKU students in Macha Village

What kind of place in Macha?  Students from HKU who participated in the experiential  learning programme have the opportunity to go to Macha for 2 weeks, to experience the simple happiness surround by the environment and people.

One of the participant shared his insight and said “This Macha trip made me realize that the people’s happiness is not necessarily based on materials, but from the connection among people.”  Maybe you are from the city like everyone of us, please try to slow down your steps and feel the people around you, it is important to understand the meaning of life.

An unforgettable experience that can’t be bought from money, it bring reflections to life for students.  Nevertheless they get to know about themselves while serving the villagers.

😊Special thanks to China Today for the interview opportunity, students are welcomed to express their personal experiences and thoughts!

【China Today】Special Report:

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