Macha Village Wu Zhi Qiao Service Trip in Gansu 【Jockey Club Wu Zhi Qiao Service Learning Programme】

This service trip was funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, more than 50 teachers and students volunteers participated in this 9 days unforgettable journey!  All volunteers have been assigned to different teams to serve during the trip, various services like water diversion construction, try out rammed earth and make the stools, set up the solar street lights and bus stop, safety and public health workshop for kids, musical instruments class (guitar, recorder, piano), family photo taking for the villagers, and also make glutinous rice dumplings and dance with the villagers.

After several days of work, students volunteers have held a party on the last night in Macha and invited all the villagers to come and enjoy! Students practiced everyday in their spare time just wanted to perform their very best in front of the villagers and brought laughter to everyone.  “Laughter is the closest distance between two people.” Everyone pays a lot and gains a lot.

Stepping into Macha village, breathing fresh air, experience something new, getting in touch with local culture making friends from different places.  How great is this unforgettable journey!

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