• The spirit of Wu Zhi Qiao projects has to be sustained and further developed by young volunteers, not the Foundation per se. We hope that by encouraging their participations in these projects, young people will instill the spirit in their hearts. By doing so, the merit of the Foundation will pass on from generation to generations.

    All the Wu Zhi Qiao projects are implemented by volunteers. The management and working committees in the Foundation are comprised of members who come from various sectors and different walks of life. Most of them render support to the Foundation on a voluntary basis. The support of volunteers is hence conducive to the operation and development of the Foundation. We look forward to welcoming you on board.

    Those who are interested may now register on-line as a volunteer or download and submit the completed application form to us. According to the information given on your skills and interests, we shall match them with our tasks and inform you of the arrangement in due course.


    1. You will become our “Friends of Wu Zhi Qiao” automatically once you make below registration or submit the application form to us. You will receive regular updates on WZQ news and the WZQ Newsletter in electronic form.

    2. All collected information will be used only for fostering communications, fundraising and appeal, activities invitation, volunteer recruitment as well as for survey collection.

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