【Wu Zhi Qiao Earthen Architecture Bi-City Exhibition Thematic Seminar】

Last year in September, Wu Zhi Qiao held an exhibition of earthen architecture in Beijing.  In this September, we have organized the exhibition in Cityplaza. This exhibition will showcase the earthen architecture and Wu Zhi Qiao projects.  We hope all of you could get to know Wu Zhi Qiao and promoting earthen architecture to the public.

💠Exhibition period: 14/9(Fri) – 13/10(Sat)
Opening hours: 10:30 – 20:00
Venue: 6/F Cityplaza

Apart from this, we will hold 3 thematic seminars at The University of Hong Kong on Sep 15. Find out more at the following link.  Please kindly register online for making a reservation.


❤️Don’t miss this great opportunity!See you there in September~

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