Qiu Shi (Ji Min) Wu Zhi Qiao

Site Location – Meicun Township, Guichi District, Chizhou City

Site Background – There is a primary school with about 100 students at one side of the river. About 40 students need to cross the river for school.

The Need – Currently, about half population need to cross the existing bridge to cross the river. However, people can’t walk across it when the water level increases upto the exsiting bridge surface during raining season.

Project Team – Teacher and student team from Nanjing University (NJU), Hefei University of Technology (HUT) and Southeast University (SEU)

Villagers Benefited – 2308 nos (about 40 students)

Project Sponsor – Qiu Shi Science & Technologies Foundation Qiushi


More than 40 professional and student volunteers mainly from Nanjing University, Southeast University and Hefei University of Technology succcesfully built a 32 meters long footbridge in Jun.
Due to weather condition, pier construction and key construction work of the bridge were delayed until late Jan. The original schedule of volunteer construction trip had to be postponed to Jun.
The project team finalized the design. Pier construction and key construction work of the bridge will be completed by local contractor. Volunteer construction trip will be scheduled in Dec for the installation work of planks and handrails on top.
As the construction cost for the original design is too high, the project team is now revising the design to scale down the cost.
The construction drawing has been confirmed and the project team is now quoting the price for construction.
Project team confirmed the bridge design in Oct. Please click here to see the design proposal. (Chinese version only).

The representatives from CQU, HUT and SEU conducted the 1st survey trip in Jul.

Please click here for survey report (Chinese version only).