Wharf Xiejia Village Wu Zhi Qiao project in Guizhou

A bridge construction project in Xiejia Village, Guizhou is sponsored by The Wharf (holdings) Limited.  WZQ teams from Hong Kong University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, Chongqing Jiantong University and Wharf volunteers were participated.  Volunteers stayed focus all time in Xiejia Village, in order to complete their goals, benefiting local villagers.

In addition to being sweat for the bridge building, students also participated in a number of livelihood projects such as the construction of lighting systems for villagers, wall painting, reconstruct the incinerators, and play games with the kids in Shuang He Pei Cai primary school, they are all enjoyed their time there. Life is simple, life is fun and full of happiness.

Rainbow Team have created an infinite Rainbow for Xiejia Village. :)

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